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The disease called “Perfection”

8 Nov

The disease called “Perfection”

Passionate father and blogger Dan Pearce of Single Dad Laughing has described in the most honest and sobering words a condition you won’t find in any medical manuals or textbooks. Most people with the condition suffer in silence and for some individuals the disease can be life-threatening or fatal.

There is a twelve-year-old boy buried 20 miles from where I sit because the “Perfection” that has infected the people around him infected him to the point that he deemed his own life worthless. “Perfection” pushed him to take his own life over something most of us would consider negligible in the life of any teenage boy.

Visit Dan’s blog to read The disease called Perfection in its original entirety. It’s a disease everyone can learn to recognise and cure. The following summary may be printed and inserted into your favourite diagnostic manual.